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26th July 2013

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Forky Friday: 7/26/13


Forky Friday: 7/26/13 by Michelle Tam

Ready for another Forky Friday? There’s lots happening on the Interwebs this week, including some knock-down, drag-out fighting in the world of real food…and some tasty recipes! I get slightly rant-y today, so if you’re just looking for something to eat, skip to the bottom, y’all.

Now if I could only wrest control of my computer away from my Minecraft-obsessed kiddos…

Forky Friday: 7/26/13 by Michelle Tam

Can’t We All Just Get Along (and Eat Some Bacon)?

When a bunch of us Paleo-blogging folks shared a house together at the inaugural PaleoFX, I learned a ton from DianeDianaLiz, and Laura about The Weston A. Price Foundation. They explained the overlap between Paleo and WAPF principles: both approaches stress the importance of nutrient density and food quality. I liked what I saw, and after joining WAPF, I attended last year’s Wise Traditions conference because I was excited to hear from the impressive roster of speakers and sample the traditionally prepared food. 

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Especially nice read this week!

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